Luc Guidroz

National Teamrider.

Home spot.Hookipa
Sponsors.Goya windsurfing, Dakine
What’s your magic board and in what moment did you realize it?My magic board is my blue Quatro board that Keith shaped me. I realized it was magic the first time I rode a wave on it and I thought, this board is gonna take my sailing to the next level.
If you had an unlimited budget or Keith came out of a lamp, what quiver would you ask for?If I had an unlimited budget for a quiver, I would order all types of different boards, from small to big. Definitely a few more of the same boards I have since it’s such a sick board.
Dream Trip.Dream trip would be going to the Marshall Islands.
Hobbies.My hobbies are, surfing, windsurfing, spearfishing.
Music.rock, rap.

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