Leif Bischoff

Hometown Kiel, Germany

Home Spot Weißenhaus and Hanstholm

Sponsors Quatro, Naish, Prolimit, Picture Clothing

What’s your magic board and in what moment did you realize it? Fell in love with my Cube 85. I only got that one board and I use it all the time. It amazes me how good it works in all kinds of conditions. From cross-on in Denmark to side-off, down-the-line perfection in Chile. You just jump on it and shred the s*** out of it.

If you had an unlimited budget or Keith came out of a lamp, what quiver would you ask for? Yew! I wish that would happen one day. I would ask for a small fast waveboard for stormy side-on conditions, not too much rocker. Next would be two bigger waveboards. One of them could just be the the Cube 84, which is perfect as it is and the other one a 90l Board with a lot of rocker for fast steep waves. I would be perfectly happy with that!

Dream Trip Just a bunch of good friends, warm and sunny and nicely peeling lefts. Port-tack sailing. Two days of windsurfing followed by two days of surfing and every session ends with a cold beer. But no matter what kind of trip, I usually have an awesome time.

Hobbies Windsurf, Surf, Ski, Sailing, Handball.

Music I listen to a lot of different genres depending on the situation. I love electronic music to party and go nuts. But I also never say no to some sweet rock classics to head bang. Same with oldschool hip hop. Really not that picky, I just can’t stand mainstream radio pop.