Glide Max

All-Around Thruster

2023/24 Model, ridden by Kai Lenny


Glide Max

All-Around Thruster

More Glide, less effort, that’s what the entirely new line of our all-around board is about.

Keith Teboul: “I wanted to make the Glide Max effortless to paddle, easy for anyone, anywhere, to just have fun and cruise.”

The new shapes feature added length and more parallel rails, which increases paddling efficiency and glide. The idea here is that you are looking for something fun that’s easy to paddle and ride on waves.

The board comes with solid rockers and full outlines, giving it a completely different level of stability and comfort. This is greatly enhanced by the Integrated Stability Deck, which serves as an ergonomic platform, working slightly against the convex deck, offering a solid stance. The nose rocker has a lower entry for ease of paddling and a very constant Glide, hence the name! The bottom transitions from a single to a double vee, making it a very agile board.

To us the Glide Max is the go-to board for cruising and having a great time in small waves. This is the Sup that Keith and his wife grab to take to the south side of Maui and ride fun waves.

The deck consists of a generous diamond groove Quatro pad covering both your paddling and surfing stance for added comfort, while leaving the nose and rails bare to save weight and improve performance. All boards come with a raised kicktail for added grip when riding waves.

The Glide Max also features a plug to attach a windsurfing rig for use in flat water.

The Glide Max is built like our windsurf boards, full high density foam sandwich, laminated in glass and carbon.

Available in 8’6, 8’10, 9’2, 9’6, 10’2 feet.

Max Light Full Double Sandwich Construction.

Hyper Skin High Density.

US finbox & Futures ILT finboxes.

Available in Pastel Blue on Deep Blue.





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Gabe, US  
Apr 28, 2022 

On Apr 27, 2022

Hi, I purchased the glide pro 8’6” second hand (and excited for it) but it has two unfamiliar holes on the top. One appears to be like a vent hole, but it has a metal stainless steel screw plug (rather than a gortext vent plug), and there is another hole right in front, that has no cover or plug. Is this normal? What are theses holes? Any help would be really appreciated. Need to know if I need to address them before going in the water.


Response below:

Hi Gabe,

Than you for stoked on our gear!!

The hole with the screw is the vent plug. Please make sure that it is tight when riding or exposed to water, and removed when exposed to temperature or elevation changes (but remember to screw it back on when exposed to water). Do not over-tight this screw as the rubber seal would break otherwise and would need to be replaced.

The other hole with the thread is the Windsurfing option. This is where you have the option to attach a sail to your SUP board.

Let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything that we can help



Bill Burke, USA  
Jan 09, 2020 

I'm a big guy here in New Jersey been ridding the Glide 9'6 in everything from Summer Slop to Charging BIG winter surf and it works great Catches every wave with ease. In summer slop its fast and loose. In the winter the rails hold on the biggest and steepest waves. I'm definitely glad Jim (from Extreme Windsurfing) convinced me to get the PRO it is hyper fast and is holding up great.
The ONLY thing I'd (DID) change is the stock fins are a bit big for small surf. I can't wait to try it as a quad.

Joe Morgan, Oregon, USA  
Oct 17, 2018 

I've been riding the 8'6 for the past year and it has really helped me up my surfing game. Stable, yet responsive, it has worked well in everything from 3-4' overhead to knee slappers, allowing me to push my personal boundaries. Thanks Keith!

Keith, USA  
Sep 25, 2018 

The 8'6" 130L Glide Pro is a sweet ride. Looking forward to trying out the 110L 8'

5.0 5.0 4 4 On Apr 27, 2022Hi, I purchased the glide pro 8’6” second hand (and excited for it) but it has two unfamiliar holes on the top. One appears to be like a vent hole, but it ha Glide Pro

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