D-3 before AWT San Carlos!! Levi Siver answers a couple of questions before leaving!

July 25th 2013

Levi Siver Quatro Pyramid Goya AWT


D-3 before AWT San Carlos!!  Levi Siver answers a couple of questions before leaving!


–  Where have you been training before leaving?

The combination I like is biking, surfing, gym, yoga and then of course windsurfing.


–  What special equipment do you have for San Carlos?

Nothing out of the ordinary for me.  My standard wave boards and wave sails.


–  Who is the biggest rival for you Levi (because you won last year in San Carlos)?

Well, I’m careful to answer a question like that.  Because there’s a good handful of strong riders that always impress me.  One thing I do know is the Quatro team is pretty dangerous!  The wave is long and fun and everybody looks pretty impressive down there so will just have to see.


–  Do you have a lucky charm?

I just do the run through and make sure I have a good board and good working gear.  I never feel there’s one thing that gives you luck it has alot to do with if your state of mind and if your stoked to go ride that day.


–  How do you feel when you arrive on the contest?

For me I just wanna get out there and sail.  If the conditions are bad it’s a little more difficult but I’m always happy to be doing what I love.  I need to enjoy the simple pleasures of the event and the main thing is to have fun and let her loose!


–  Do you have a ritual before starting a contest?

No not really I keep that stuff simple.  It has to feel natural and normal just like free sailing does.


–  What do you think about when you are sailing?

I’m thinking of what wave to choose and what’s feeling good that day.  Just trying to flow with the wave and take chances when you need to.  I love wavesailing it never get’s old.  My best waves I can’t even remember because I was just zoning out and letting my instinct over ride everything.


–  What do you eat for breakfast to give you energy for a contest?

Oatmeal with nuts and raisins’s with some fruit seems to be a good base for energy.

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