quad control wave

Sizes available 75, 80, 85, 95, 105

This short compact rocket of a quad was designed for speed and maneuverability. We have completely redesigned this board from its
outline to its bottom contour to the entirety of its profile flow. A fuller
outline through the nose compensates for its shorter length.

The Quad is an extremely maneuverable board with a straight up fast rocker.

Its fuller profile thickness through the stance compensates for the Quad’s shorter length and for moving the stance back on the board. This creates a highly dynamic and agile board with amazing low swing weight and a super quick tail. A blend of double concave and vee runs throughout the bottom and delivers instant planing along with a comfortable but firm ride.


This board comes with

MFC Fins

This board comes with a set of perfectly corresponding MFC fin models and sizes to complement its superior shape. LEARN MORE

MFC Straps

This board comes with the latest MFC straps, featuring lush quality neoprene and a pleasantly soft inner sole. LEARN MORE

Quatro Double Density Pads

This board comes with genuine Quatro pads of varying thickness levels, giving you cushion under your heels and perfect grip throughout. These pads are available for individual purchase. LEARN MORE


QS RTM quad Fin

QS RTM are Carbon-molded fins. The correct flex torsion allows better maneuverability and response. Due to it’s versitillity, our QS is one of the most popular quad setup on the market today. Our NUUS Base allows the fins to be used in a slotbox and Us base.

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