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The Quatro Single is the ideal choice for sailors looking for the classic smooth and stable feel, quick acceleration, unlimited top end speed and adaptability that single fin boards provide. These boards are tunable for any type of wave condition around the world.

The early planing and forgiving feel are the key concepts of this line of boards, giving you the comfort and control to feel at home anywhere you sail.




The Quatro Production Construction concept offers the ultimate in light weight, impact resistance and lively feel. Tried tested and true by the worldwide Quatro Pro team and customers, these boards are designed and built to provide the ultimate performance windsurfing experience. The Premium Construction is the best of the best.




FINS The Single comes with the latest Maui Fin Company™ Quad fin set. LEARN MORE

STRAPS All Quatro windsurfing boards come with Maui Fin Company™ straps that are extremely comfortable and feature thick high quality neoprene as well as a soft inner sole. LEARN MORE

PADS 10mm Dual Density Deck pads combine better traction and padding for big landings. LEARN MORE


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A new generation for the well known 2K model introduced last season, developed by MFC, Keith Teboul, and Kauli Seadi. This 2008 model has a new lay-up with 200gr of S-glass polyester prepreg to give smooth torsion throughout the fin. This is the preferred model of Victor Fernandez. Ideal for all around conditions, it excels particularly well in side shore and side-on shore wave sailing conditions.

Available for US Box and Powerbox

Sizes from 19,7cm to 24cm

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