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Quad KT Neon Green

Sizes available

69 | 76 | 83

Keith Teboul’s signature Quad wave board. Hard core wave sailing has transformed, and the designs of Keith Teboul are a leading revolution. The Quad KT represents Keith’s personal preferences about what a true hardcore wave board should be. What has been a rarity is now the new standard.

The all new Quad KT board designs move through the water like modern high performance surf boards with fast, full rail and tight radius turns. This positive rail set allows you to finish your turns completely and with speed in the most critical sections, resulting in fluid and fast lines through areas of the wave rarely visited before.

The speed and confidence you feel riding the Quad KT will have you driving through turns on the way to hitting sections you wouldn’t have considered before. This is modern performance wave sailing at its leading edge.


Wind Magazine

Here’s what WIND MAGAZINE had to say:

“La Quatro KT 76 nous a agreablement surpris par sa polyvalence. Si c’est celle qui a le meilleur compartement dans les grosses vagues et la meilleure accroche dans les gros virages, elle n’est pas exclusivement reservee au surf en conditions radicales. Son controle en fait une excellente planche de vent soutenu a fort.”




The Quatro Production Construction concept offers the ultimate in light weight, impact resistance and lively feel. Tried tested and true by the worldwide Quatro Pro team and customers, these boards are designed and built to provide the ultimate performance windsurfing experience. The Premium Construction is the best of the best.




FINS The Quad KT comes with the latest Maui Fin Company™ Quad fin set. LEARN MORE

STRAPS All Quatro windsurfing boards come with Maui Fin Company™ straps that are extremely comfortable and feature thick high quality neoprene as well as a soft inner sole. LEARN MORE

PADS 10mm Dual Density Deck pads combine better traction and padding for big landings. LEARN MORE

MFC Quad

Comes with

Quad KT & Quad LS

MFC, in conjunction with Kauli Seadi and Keith Teboul, developed the new Quad set up for wave boards. It was always in our minds to seek something that could be approachable for the everyday sailor, and it looks like we reached our target with the QUAD fins set-up. The board has drive. The different foil sections on the center and side fins drastically reduce the drag, which make upwind performances superior. This in turn makes riding waves easier for everyone. The board feels looser yet drives harder at the same time without compromising speed. It makes wave riding more forgiving. The board can be pushed with the front or back foot and the board and fins will continue to hold your style. We do not choose Quad fins looking at the size/length, but at the surface area we are using.

Available for US Box and Minituttle

Sizes QS 250, QS 300 and QS 350


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