Ouatro Custom Boards are SHAPED AND BUILT ON MAUI, Hawaii. Made 100% in the USA. We build POLYESTER as well as sandwich EPOXY boards and can incorporate ANY MATERIAL you aspire.

Give us a heads up about your dream board and we'll get back to you with your ticket to A RIDE MORE PERSONALIZED.

We build Custom Boards for these watersports:



The Custom World

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We're here to share the entirety of the knowledge we have accumulated over the years and help you in imagining, conceptualizing, building and maintaining your perfect personalized board.

We have shaped boards for more than a dozen PWA windsurfing world champions, for professional surfers in the ASP and SUP tours, as well as for kiters in the KPRA, and we continue to build on our level of excellence every day, even right now, while you are reading this.

With Quatro Customs, quality resides above quantity, and we're here to make it stay that way.

So if you are a pro looking to find a board that REALLY works like a glove for you and propells you into rankings above the pack, come on over and we'll let you slip through the same curtain behind which numerous other big names have already done just what you are contemplating and have utilized our competitive edge to lever themselves into the spotlight.

Or are you an advanced and seasoned rider who's just about had it with production boards and at any rate you've been having that one perfect board in your head all these years anyway and just need someone professional to bring it to life. Wait no longer. We're not performing magic you know. We're just a business in the end, and we'll be extra happy to have you as our next valued customer.

Let's carve your dreams into foam.

KEITH TEBOUL and the Quatro Custom Factory, Maui, Hawaii