Last day before the AWT San Carlos, Keith, Levi and Bernd already left Maui! Bernd Roediger answers few questions!

July 27th 2013

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Last day before the AWT San Carlos, Keith, Levi and Bernd already left Maui! Bernd Roediger answers a few questions!


–  What special equipment do you have for San Carlos?

I’m bringing like 5 boards:

– A short board for surfing

– A 7,3 stand up board

– My 72L I had in Santa Cruz and Pistol River

– My 75L I start using

– And the thruster I will use for the first time so I’m pretty excited!


–  What do you bring with you in your suitcase? The 5 most important things you need

Pop tarts: cinnamon, strawberry, wild berry, blueberry because I love it, my phone, lots of movies on my laptop, funny movies, my wetsuit and fix-a-flat!


–  Do you have a lucky charm?

I can feel like my board is a lucky charm, I fall in love with my board, I love the colors, the draws..! If it’s a bad session, I think it is because of my board, and if it’s a good session it’s thanks to my boards. Good or bad session, it’s all about my board!


–  How do you feel when you arrive on the contest place?

I’m always pretty excited to do it; I have to make sure I have everything. I have to stay focus on the contest because I’m here to win. This is my favorite contest, because of the whole atmosphere. The contest is fun and off the water there is so much things to do: biking, hiking, seat and eat, nice people to talk with…


–  Do you have a ritual before starting a contest?

It takes me an hour to rig my sail to have everything perfect. I put my wishbone on, I look at it during 5min and then I adjust it until it’s perfect. After that I’m pretty ready, just listen to music and focus on my heat.


–  What do you think about when you are sailing?

I think about all kind of things like about life. Not even looking where I’m going but I’m also talking to my self a lot such as: “Hi turtle”, “Oh look at this…” I think about all things that happen in my day, let it go and relax. Windsurfing for me is about freedom, no matter where you are going to, you can just sail and that’s it!


–  What do you eat for breakfast to give you energy for a contest?

Whatever my mom makes me. If my mom is not with me, like during this contest, I eat whatever we give me to eat.


–  So you don’t know how to cook?

I don’t like to cook; I am always burning everything. Last time I tried to make a sandwich and when I toasted it, I burned myself!

I have a good personality so people like to make food for me!

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